David Truter leads our portfolio of CCTV cameras and Chairs the St Francis Bay Police Sector Forum for security.

The SFPO NPC installed the cameras in early 2019. Crime had been escalating at that time. 18 months later crime has been radically reduced as a result.

For example, we have four LPR’s or license plate recognition cameras. In one month we had 250,000 license plates recognised and 11 activations, which means that those 11 licence plate numbers were on the SAPS database of wanted vehicles.

For more on security and cameras, watch the video with David here

CCTV Cameras

The CCTV cameras continue to perform both a 24/7 monitoring service and an effective deterrent to criminals targeting the St Francis Bay area. The cameras include:

  • licence plate recognition : 250,000 licence plates were registered on our roads in August of this year, with 14 being identified as wanted by SAPS
  • Analytic cameras : most of our cameras have AI software that monitor their zones and alert any suspicious activity to the Control Centre operators
  • PTZ : follow movement of people and are operated by Control Room staff to follow, and zoom in on anything suspicious. These are situated around our primary beaches

We are happy that the CCTV system is operating effectively. We are looking for ways of improving its use, including the access to video footage without compromising the POPI Act nor the rules governing the management and use of footage required for convictions. We investigated the use of drone technology to improve our ability to follow suspects, but given the privacy laws and the regulations governing commercial and private drone usage have decided to await the development of local capability among drone operators in St Francis Bay.