SFPO Association Projects & Services

The St Francis Property Owners Association are actively involved in many projects and offer several services.

These projects and services are continually evolving, depending on the community’s needs and any circumstances that need attending to.

These projects and services can be broken down into four categories.


  1. The monitoring of the municipal infrastructure.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Roads.
  • Beaches and beach access.
  • Water.
  • Sewerage.
  • Power.
  • Telecommunication towers and fibre installation.
  1. Services:
  • Bush clearing.
  • Refuse collection and the wheelie bins.
  • Recycling /conservatory tank cleaning.
  • Law enforcement.
  • Disaster relief.
  • Curbside street names.
  1. Planning and Aesthetics:
  • Occupation certificates.
  • Public open space.
  • General use of property.
  • Aesthetics Committee administration.
  • Spatial development framework.
  1. Additional:
  • Ratepayers queries.
  • Communication of status of municipal infrastructure and services.
  • Networking with other associations in St Francis.
  • Serving as a source of info and advice for potential investors in town.
  • Serving as a channel for reporting and logging complaints and queries between property owners and the municipality.