St Francis Property Owners Association Newsletter June 2024

Community Policing Forum Update.

We chatted with David Truter, the St Francis Property Owners Association CCTV, Safety, and Security Representative.

The St Francis Bay Police Station

Captain Gomoshe, who has been in charge of the St Francis Police Station for several years, has moved on. She was promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel and transferred to Kirkwood. W/O Libbok will be the Acting Station Commander until a replacement is appointed.

The good news is that Kouga Law Enforcement has appointed a permanent Law Enforcement officer for St Francis. We welcome Officer Sebastian Witbooi, who now resides here and is responsible for all By-Law enforcement.

Mr Witbooi asks that By-Law infringements/complaints (such as noise/disturbance, loitering, stray animals, etc.) be reported to the KLM Call Centre on 042 200 2200 or to the WhatsApp reporting number 081 760 9183 for his attention.

Opening Cases

The under-resourced Police Station is, however, affected by the community’s lack of willingness to open cases.

The public is urged to open cases no matter how small the incident. The recorded number of cases is critical in allocating additional workforce resources to our Station. This is the only way to enable SAPS to combat ongoing petty crime.

Car Guards

The Community Policing Forum and SAPS issued the following.

Your safety is our priority.

We don’t recommend paying car guards because:

  • They are unregulated – they lack official vetting, training and skills.
  • Harassment – unauthorised guards often harass and threaten patrons.
  • Misuse of funds – most use money for drugs or alcohol rather than supporting families.

Instead, support proper channels—consider local initiatives with trained personnel that genuinely support families. For registered charity information, contact St Francis Tourism at 041 294 0076.

Atlas Security Stats for May:

  • Number of LPR Reads – 911 982.
  • Number of times calibre security was dispatched – 309.
  • Analytical camera activations – 5168.

Getting To Know Paul Middleton, SFPO Safety and Security Representative

We chatted with Paul, who gave excellent advice to St Francis residents on the ongoing fight against crime.

When did you move to St Francis Bay?

I’ve been visiting St. Francis Bay since I was around 15 years old. Tracey, my wife, has had a family holiday home here since 1989. In 2018, we decided to buy our own home here, and by late 2019, we had relocated. We love living here and being part of such a wonderful, tightly-knit community.

full article here

Getting To Know Jaco Prins, SFPO Beaches and Environment Representative

We also spoke to Jaco Prins; his positivity around St Francis Bay is encouraging.

Before St Francis, where were you as a family, and what were you doing before that?

We are initially from PE, but before moving to St Francis Bay, we lived in Southeast Asia in Myanmar, the old Burma for six years. It was a fantastic adventure with the family—an incredible country and people. I worked remotely from St Francis for a few more years for Coca-Cola Myanmar.

Full interview here

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SFPO Contact details

Lyn Aitken – admin manager 

Telephone: 042 294 0594


Physical Address: (Office): 9 Philippa Place, St Francis Bay,

Postal Address: PO Box 18, St Francis Bay, 6312