Arterial Roads

The arterial roads we specified in the SRA Business Plan include the Village Entrance, Lyme Road North and South, and St Francis Drive from Lyme Road north to Assissi Drive alongside the Tennis Courts.

Village Entrance

We completed the Village Entrance project a year ago, and the final payment is due to the Contractor in October. Pam Golding are maintaining the gardens on the Village side, and The Links on their side. The Links contributed to this project. The effect of the landscaping is now being seen, especially with the good rains we have received recently.

St Francis Drive

The Municipality, as part of their contribution to the restoration of the roads infrastructure in the SRA demarcated area, re-surfaced some 40% of the arterial roads included in the SRA Business Plan, i.e. St Francis Drive from Lyme Road North to Assis Drive, and a section of Lyme Road South. This work was extended further to Harbour Road, a further 0,5km into Santareme, 0,5km up Tarragona Drive, two streets in Sea Vista, and also repaired the dip in the road between Lyme Road North and the Fire Station. The SFPO upgraded the storm water pipe in the dip near the United Church, and the dip itself was levelled.

Car Parks

The George Road Car Park was paved with the assistance of donations from two property owners some time ago. More recently a road was demarcated for access to the beach for repairing revetments. It is on the southern side of the car park. Bollards have been also recently been installed.

Anne Avenue Car Park was renovated some time ago. The stairs have been removed due to damage during the winter storms and will be repaired and placed back before the holiday season.