The Calibre Set-up In St Francis Bay

St Francis Bay might have one of the top CCTV camera set-ups available and excellent surveillance systems in place. Still, this sort of operation needs to be backed up by an efficient and highly skilled team on the ground. It is this partnership that proves to be the most effective deterrent against crime in the area.

In St Francis Bay, the security and the CCTV systems in place is effectively a partnership between Atlas Security and Calibre Security and their response team on the ground.

To operate effectively and timeously, Calibre has a solid team and a fleet of vehicles dedicated to the safety and security of St Francis Bay, Cape St Francis and Oyster Bay. It is this team that deals with crime and criminals.

Calibre has 48 staff members, including 16 dedicated response officers. There are usually 4 staff members per shift, which is increased during busier times and during the holidays. The staff comprises highly trained individuals who react to positive alerts, not only from their clients but also from the SRA funded CCTV infrastructure, which is monitored by Atlas Security.

On the occasion of high crime times, Calibre also puts foot patrols in the area affected to help quell the activity and catch perpetrators. Calibre also has 10 vehicles operating in St Francis Bay and 1 in Oyster Bay, apart from these foot patrols.

Calibre has open lines of communication with other security companies in the area and with SAPS. Calibre is also on the neighbourhood watch groups. So it is very aware of what is happening on the ground at all times.

The security companies also rely on good information being disseminated from the local residents. If you are a resident in St Francis Bay, please ensure that you have all the necessary numbers and you are registered on the security groups. The main number in St Francis Bay is 042 294 0038. The control room number is 076 278 7205

The working relationship between Atlas Security and Calibre Security coupled with the relationship between technology and boots on the ground are relationships that provide more security for residents of St Francis Bay. Residents can rest easy knowing that Calibre Security Response officers and Atlas in the sky are watching over them.