SFPO Association and NPC Newsletter May 2021

Welcome to the May edition of the St Francis Property Owners Association and NPC Newsletter.

Cover Photo: © Clive Wright

Water Shortage

The water shortage in the Kouga region continues. We experienced some incredible rains at the beginning of the month, resulting in some damage to the beach car parks. Unfortunately, not much fell in the catchment areas. With a low rainfall forecast, it looks like we might be in serious trouble soon.

We are encouraging domestic rainwater collection solutions and anything else that will help stave off day zero. Remember, the restriction is 50L per person per day.

The Kouga Municipality is currently working on drilling for more boreholes. Hopefully, this will have some success in easing the water shortage.

Santareme Aesthetics Questionnaire

St Francis Bay, in many respects, is a unique and beautiful little town on the extended Garden Route. It is well known for its themed village of white walls and dark roofs of thatch or other compatible materials that support the theme. Santareme and its environs have always been the village’s extension, but with a Mediterranean theme of “earthy colours” and red-tiled roofs.

There is no doubt that there are many examples around the country where themed villages have added massive value to property investments over time. They have maintained strict control over building styles, exterior paint colours and other themed items. This often draws property owners and investors to an area as they know values will be retained and enhanced by a common theme of style and colour. We are endeavouring to maintain and build on this theme in the Santareme area. We want to obtain property owners’ views on whether this should still be supported or made more open and flexible.

Your participation by answering our few questions below will help guide the SFPO Committee in its deliberations.

A further, more detailed set of questions will shortly be sent out to gain as much input from property owners as possible.

We really look forward to your participation and thank you for your support.

David Harpur

SFPO Santareme.


Erf no:


  1. Are you aware that there are aesthetic building guidelines that set parameters for exterior paint colours for Santareme, St Francis on Sea, The Port and Otters Landing?
  2. Do you support the idea that there should be controls in this regard applicable to both new houses and the repainting of existing houses?
  3. If you do not, can you briefly give your reasons?
  4. Do you have any suggestions for future control of colour schemes in the area?
  5. Would you be prepared to complete a more detailed questionnaire in this regard?

Replies to Lyn  info@sfpo.co.za

You can also answer the questions directly on our website here

Santareme Aesthetics Questionnaire

COVID Third Wave

There has been an increase in the number of active COVID-19 cases in the Kouga region.

Active Covid-19 cases totalled 49 on May 23, according to the latest report from the Department of Health. On May 19, there was 24 active COVID-19 cases in the region.

As of May 23, the breakdown per town was as follows: Jeffreys Bay 19, St Francis 15, Thornhill 6, Patensie 4, Humansdorp 4, Loerie 1.

CCTV Camera Effectiveness

Our CCTV cameras proved their worth recently when a suspect was arrested by SAPS after an alert was raised by our Pole 1 LPR camera.

A vehicle licence plate number had been flagged on the LPR system via intelligence received linking this vehicle to the recent spate of armed attacks on the Oyster Bay road. The vehicle drove over the Kromme River bridge towards St Francis Bay which then triggered the alarm at Atlas Security monitoring centre. Atlas immediately contacted SAPS, who activated their response. Atlas continued to monitor the vehicle, resulting in the vehicle being stopped. The suspect was taken into custody and then later formally charged.

What is LPR?

Licence Plate Recognition.

These are specialised cameras used to capture and record vehicle licence plate numbers as the vehicle drives past the camera.

LPR cameras can read licence plate numbers in complete darkness and whether the vehicle lights are switched on or off.

The recorded licence plates are referenced against a national database of wanted or suspicious vehicles.

If the vehicle that passed the camera is listed on the database, an immediate alert is sent to the Atlas Security Control Room.

The alert contains all the information on the type of crime the vehicle was involved in.

Atlas immediately notifies the local authorities and the necessary response teams of the alert and the direction the vehicle is travelling.

Atlas will continue to assist the local authority and response team in tracking the vehicle as it moves through the network of cameras in the area.

Poaching Arrest

Well done to Detective Benjamin Sisuza of St Francis Bay SAPS, who on Wednesday night/Thursday morning arrested 6 suspects for being in possession of 323 Abalone that had been poached in St Francis Bay. All their diving equipment was confiscated as well as one vehicle.

Nursery School Teacher Job Posting

Applicants are invited to apply for the following post:

Nursery School Teacher.

To commence September 1 2021

The successful applicant will:

  • Have an appropriate teaching qualification (degree or diploma).
  • Have experience as an Early Childhood Development (ECD) teacher.
  • Have a proven record of commitment and professionalism.
  • Be willing to participate in extra murals
  • Be a creative, enthusiastic and caring educator.

Individuals with the appropriate experience and attributes should submit a covering letter and curriculum vitae with at least 2 references to:


Closing date for applications: June 15 2021

Wheelie Bins Roll-Out

Once again, we would like to remind all that wheelie bins are available from the Municipality free of charge. The SFPO Association can assist if you are not in town but need to claim yours. Reach out to Lyn Aitken on:

  1. info@sfpo.co.za
  2. 042 294 0594