Upcoming Annual General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the St Francis Property Owners Association will be held on 21 December 2020, at 15h00. It will be a Zoom webinar and it will be 1 hour long.

Members are invited to attend. Visit www.stfrancispropertyowners.com for registration.

This will be followed by the AGM of the St Francis Property Owners Non Profit Company (SFPO NPC) at 17h00. It will also be in the form of a Zoom webinar and one hour long.

Members are entitled to register and attend in the webinar. Alternatively, if a member is unable to attend, they are entitled to appoint a proxy to represent them.

All the Annual Reports and audited financial statements are available on the website, and any questions pertaining to these reports and other queries need to be emailed in advance. Please email questions to info@sfpo.coza The deadline for all questions is 15 December 2020.

General Safety Appeal

We would like to appeal to all the St Francis visitors and locals to be mindful of safety at all times during the upcoming festive season. This pertains to safety on our roads – especially with the increased pedestrians, cyclists, joggers and skateboarders. Please also be careful on our beaches and canals.

Obviously we would like all to observe the COVID protocols of sanitizing, masking and social distancing, and be reminded that there are shopping services like the Trolly Dolly available https://web.facebook.com/TheTrolleyDolly

Aqua Spiritus

A new summer sport Aqua Spiritus is taking off in St Francis. It will run around high tide on the beach on Shore Road. (during daylight hours).

It has less than 50 people attending, and it will run from 12 December to 4 January.

Check out this exciting new sport here.

Summer Series sport

The Summer Series sporting events entries are only available online. These include the Cape St Francis Resort Road Run and Walk, the Blue Abyss Breathe  Swim and Run Duathlon, the BBruce’s Triathlon and many more events. For the full events calendar – http://www.stfrancissport.co.za/2020/10/annual-st-francis-sport-summer-series-kicking-off-16-december-2020/

Fore all the online entries –  https://www.entryninja.com/events/76277-series-entry