Several questions have been posed regarding the CCTV contract tender process in St Francis Bay. This process was dealt with very carefully, and the SRA would like to lay it out for all to see.

On 29 August 2017, a CCTV workshop with several individuals representing various stakeholders was held. These included:

Wayne Furphy (Chairman SFPO), Nigel Aitken (Chairman SFB Sector Police Forum), John Hammond (Chairman CPF), Nick Schoeman (Chairman CSF Sector Police Forum), Simon Cunneen (Retired British Metropolitan Police), Constable H Mentoor (SAPS St Francis Bay), Zelda Taylor (Smhart Security), Jacques van Biljon (G4S), David Visagie (St Francis Municipal Law Enforcement), Felicia Muller (Kouga Traffic Dept) and Adam Floors (Kouga Municipal Law Enforcement).

There were apologies from Lynn Edwards (Calibre) and Barry Wild (Neighbourhood Watch).

On 22 September 2017, a Request For Information (RFI) was sent out to 18 interested suppliers, including SMHART, G4S, ADT, Elf Rentals, Atlas/Intersec/Calibre, Neile Strauch, Sky Metro, Access Control Solutions, Modular Communications, IP Dynamics, Vetus Schola, Stafix, Fidelity Security, Allsound Security, Frikkie Grabie and Marx Dreyer.

By 3 October 2017, the SRA had received responses from a number of suppliers, and we shortlisted the following suppliers for the RFP : SMHART, ADT, G4S, Atlas/Intersec/Calibre, ELF Rentals.

Requests For Proposals (RFPs) were sent to our shortlisted suppliers on 16 November 2017 ie SMHART, ADT, G4S, Atlas/Intersec/Calibre, ELF Rentals.

On 7 December 2017, the tender closing date was extended to 11 December 2017 after requests from participating bidders.

On the tender closing date (11 December 2017), tender documents had been received from ELF, G4S, and Atlas/Intersec/Calibre. However, ADT declined to submit a tender. Likewise, SMHART did not submit a tender by the close of business.

Subsequently, an email was received from SMHART on 12 December 2017, which was after the deadline, stating that they would not be submitting a tender.

In March 2018, G4S, Elf Rentals and Atlas/Intersec/Calibre gave presentations of proposals to the CCTV Committee.

Between March and November 2018, the CCTV committee reviewed all proposals received. All proposals met the technical requirements. However, one tender was priced at 5 times the budget, while another was 2.5 times our initial budget.

Atlas/Intersec/Calibre was within the budget. Site visits were done to Atlas premises to verify capabilities.

On 9 November 2018, the CCTV Committee presented recommendations to the NPC and directors to formalise a contract with Atlas/Intersec/Calibre as per terms outlined in the Contract and Service-Level Agreement (SLA)