A tour of the Atlas Security offices in Port Elizabeth.

At the Atlas Security offices in Port Elizabeth, there is an incredible amount of information being dealt with at all times. Still, there is a team of hard-working and dedicated staff monitoring the screens, reacting to alerts and activations, setting alert protocols and dealing with the safety of people at all times.

Atlas Security is the chosen partner of the SRA in St Francis Bay, and their on-the-ground partner is Calibre Security. For now, we want to examine certain aspects of the Atlas Security offices functioning.

At Atlas Security, 4 people plus a supervisor are monitoring the 26 CCTV screens. When an analytical camera is activated, the information is relayed onto the relevant screen to be analyzed by staff. Similarly, when a Licence Plate Recognition camera is activated, an alarm plays out. This is to inform staff of incoming information, which is then analyzed and relayed to ground staff or possibly SAPS.

There are 30 people in the control room during a shift, including operators, dispatchers, CCTV monitoring staff and Dedicated Patrol Services monitoring staff. The team rotate three shifts between day, night and rest in 24 hours.

It is clear that the Atlas Security work environment is serious during work hours as, in essence, every single role in the company could play a part in saving people’s lives.

Outside of the working environment, Atlas Security hosts staff events and team builders, and some attractive performance incentives are in place.

It is gratifying to see the amount of hard work being put into the security of St Francis Bay from the Atlas Security Offices, with dedicated cameras, activation protocols in place and the constant monitoring of screens combined with the continuous communication with Calibre on the ground.

Atlas Security is an innovative high tech business with cutting edge technology and constant upgrading processes in line with technological advancement. We are confident of their work and their security systems going forward and look forward to working with them and Calibre for the foreseeable future.