Security Activation Protocols.


Some strict rules and regulations govern everything for various reasons. The over-arching reason is to always maintain law and order.

This is no different from the CCTV Infrastructure in the village. These cameras record sensitive information that can have devastating effects if landing up in the wrong hands. This is why there are strict protocols in place when it comes to sharing information. The protocols in place are generated through legislation, with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act being the primary source of the ruling.

The information captured through the CCTV Infrastructure can place people in danger from various possible sources. It is the duty and responsibility of the Atlas Security Control Room to be the guardians of the footage.


What Happens When An Alert Is Received?

The Control Room will assess various factors when receiving a positive alert. First, they will check what type of alert it is, whether it is from an LPR camera or an analytical camera. Second, if a flagged Licence Plate has passed our camera, they will determine what the flag is for and notify the relevant authorities (Calibre Security, SAPS, etc.).

In the event of an analytical activation, the Control Room operator will view the footage and assess if there is any suspicious activity or criminal intent from the person in the view of the camera. Depending on the footage, they will dispatch Calibre & also notify the relevant authorities where necessary.

In the event of a positive incident, a case will need to be opened. The Control Room will then download the footage and make it available to the investigating officer. No footage will be given to anyone else, as sharing this information is illegal under local legislation. Another reason that footage will not be shared is that if it gets into the wrong hands, the case against the suspect could be jeopardised. This could lead to a criminal walking free.


What Happens During a Live Event?

The CCTV Infrastructure is proactive and reactive, and it is also a source of live information. When a live event is underway, the Calibre Security control room will communicate with the Atlas Security Control Room, who will assist with real-time information.

But What If I Need the Footage after a Crime is Committed?

The cameras do not discriminate against any specific group of people, or more specifically, any group of clients, as everyone in the village has the same level of access to the footage. They are in place to protect the entire community. This means that if you fall victim to a crime and feel that the cameras could be of assistance, you are welcome to contact the number found on all poles and provide your case number. Atlas Security will then pull the footage and hand it to the Investigating Officer that is assigned to that case. Passing footage to anyone else could infringe on the constitutional rights of those in the footage.


What are the parameters for the Analytical cameras?

The time frames for each camera can be set and adjusted as needed. These parameters are adjusted according to the crime trends and hotspots of the area. For example, going into the festive season, a higher level of activity is expected in the village. Thus the parameters will be set according to the activity levels of the area.