We Have Moved

The St Francis Property Owners Association and NPC offices are now situated at 9 Philippa Place, in the village. Email address and telephone number remain the same:
2. 042 294 0594

Sheep Raffle Fundraiser.

Rennie Price has donated two frozen whole sheep packs to be raffled off. All proceeds will help accelerate the funding for the beach restoration project. So a big shout-out to Rennie. To buy a ticket, you can go to Quicket HERE!
R100 gets you a ticket, and you have to be in it to win it. The draw will be on 22 December, so you will have your chops for Christmas. 

St Francis Property Owners Association Membership

Talking of Quicket, did you know that the SFPO Association has a Quicket page to accept subscriptions? So if you haven’t renewed your Association membership for this year yet, you can now do so very quickly on Quicket. It’s only R500 per annum and R330 if you’re a pensioner. 
Here is the link to our page:

SFPO Association and SRA AGMs. 

The SFPO Association and the NPC (SRA) will hold their annual AGMs on 7 December 2021. These events will be virtual meetings on Zoom. The SFPO Association is at 16:00, and the NPC AGM will be at 17:00. All details on these two AGM’s can be found on our website https://www.stfrancispropertyowners.com/

Kouga Municipality Contacts Over The Festive Season

Should you need services from the Municipality during the festive season, the best way of contacting them is to call on 042 200 2200 Option 5 for the Call Centre, or Whatsapp the call centre on 081 760 9183.

Construction On The Beach And Spit.

There is currently some construction work on the spit, which is expected to go on until 15 December 2021. Therefore, the public is advised not to walk in that area until 15 December. 

Water Shortages Over Season

There is every chance that we will run out of water over the season or have some sort of water shortage issues. So please continue to save water as best you can and capture rainwater if you have the means.

Wheelie Bins Roll-Out

We would like to remind all that wheelie bins are available from the Municipality free of charge. The SFPO Association can assist if you are not in town but need to claim yours. We would also like to warn all who already have their wheelie bins to paint their ERF numbers or even their addresses in their bins to discourage thieves. It is also advised to bring them in at night, as wheelie bins are being stolen.
If you need any assistance, please reach out to Lyn Aitken on:
2. 042 294 0594

Security Update – 19 November 2021

What To Do When Witnessing A CrimeWitnessing a crime is an event that is becoming more common, and depending on the crime itself, could put people in very dangerous and compromising positions. Therefore, we need to know how to handle situations or how not to handle situations.