RIP Colin Watt

It was sad news to hear of Colin Watt’s recent passing. Colin worked with the St Francis Property Owners Association for a long time and helped develop the SFPO website. He was also instrumental in setting up the virtual AGM’s and worked tirelessly with St Francis Animal Rescue. 

A friend to many in St Francis Bay and the former editor of St Francis Today, Colin had been battling ill health. His passing was a thankful release from the suffering. He will be missed. 


Season Feedback

It seems to have been a bumper season this last season, with many restaurants speaking of their ‘best-ever’ seasons. Several new restaurants opened up during the year, and they all made great trade during the season, with many booked out days in advance. So it seemed there was enough room for everyone after all. 

The live music rocked the town, and some enjoyed it, and others made a few complaints, mainly via social media. 

Congratulations to all who had a great season and worked hard to please visitors and guests.

Unfortunately, the season also saw previously unseen heights in electricity consumption and water consumption. There are still some very dry months ahead of us, so we all need to be vigilant with our water usage.


SFPO and NPC AGM Feedback

The AGMs were held on Zoom at the end of last year. They were both run smoothly and were deemed a success.

The SFPO Association AGM presentation can be found and downloaded HERE – (scroll to the bottom of page)

The NPC AGM presentation can be found and downloaded HERE

Both the committees, the NPC Directors for 2022 and the SFPO Committee members for the 2022-2024 period, can be viewed HERE.

The SFPO Association Committee would like to thank Nick Munday, who is stepping down for all his work, and welcome Johan Viljoen for stepping up. 

Congratulations to our Raffle winners drawn on 22 December 2021:

Draw 1: One whole lamb freezer pack – Deon van Schalkwyk.

Complimentary tickets for Wine on Water for 2 – Hilton Brown.

Draw 2: One whole lamb freezer pack – Jane Dowley.

Complimentary tickets for Wine on Water for 2 – Ignatius Havemann.

Thanks to everyone who supported our cause and to the prize donors:

• Mr Rennie Price for the lambs. 

• Rotary Club of St Francis for the Complimentary Wine on Water tickets.

A total of R23k was raised from the raffle. Proceeds are toward the acceleration of the beach restoration project. 


The Wheelie Bins Situation In St Francis Bay

Help us keep St Francis clean! Make sure you have your free refuse wheelie bin. The Kouga Municipality rolled these out during 2021, and one bin has been allocated Free of Charge per Household. If you are in St Francis, you can go along to the Municipal yard next to the Fire Station on St Francis Drive and ask Annie, who is in charge of the waste recycling depot, for your bin. You will need your erf number and ID. 

If you are not in St Francis, contact Lyn at our office ( / 042 294 0594 for assistance).

Once you have your bin, make sure to store it safely and mark it clearly with your Erf No. The bins get stolen occasionally, so it is always wise not to leave them out for too long.


This Newsletter:

We have a lot of new property owners in St Francis who probably do not receive this newsletter. If you have new neighbours or friends who have invested recently, point them to our website to self-subscribe


Since the introduction of the POPI Act, we can’t subscribe folks without their verification. 


Association Subscriptions:

Thanks to all of those who have renewed their annual subscription to our Ratepayers Association (October 2021 to 30 September 2022). A quick and easy option is available on Quicket RIGHT HERE for those still to do so. It’s only R500 per annum and R330 if you’re a pensioner.