Water, And Lack Thereof

There is definitely a case of ‘day zero fatigue’ kicking in, with relentless media mention of our upcoming Day Zero and the vast problems we face.

We have to rise above the fatigue to realise that we are in a very dire situation and could be in for a rough time should we not have a wet winter.

We all know about JoJo tanks, boreholes and well points, much to the fact that there is no need to talk much more about them. There are, however, a few other options.

Option 1

Kouga Kares

Mike Williams from Kouga Kares will come to your house and fit every tap and shower with a water-saving device that reduces your consumption by approximately 60%. Mike will come and do a test, give you a quote, and your entire house will only cost a few hundred bucks. The whole process is quick, and your home should be fitted inside of an hour.  

Call Mike on 082 804 2996 or email him at mike@kougakares.com

Option 2

Water Watch

There is also WaterWatch Monitoring Systems, a water monitoring and leak detection unit that can be installed on your current meter. In addition, your domestic water usage is tracked via your phone with the WaterWatch app delivering data and supplies statements. 

Their complete monitoring system can be viewed on www.waterwatch.co.za 

CCTV Infrastructure Explained by Atlas Security

Atlas Security, Calibre Security and Intersec operate the CCTV service in St Francis Bay, all under contract to the SFPO NPC, representing 1 590 levy-paying property owners.

It has come to our attention that there are questions surrounding various aspects of the CCTV Infrastructure and the processes in place. There are also certain misconceptions about the capability of the technology and the legalities surrounding the footage. Full story HERE

Onwards Santareme – Location of Poles and Cameras

David Harpur has had many questions from potential supporters of the Camera and Security enhancement plans for Santareme Phase One.

One regularly recurring question is about the location of the poles and cameras planned for the area. There is concern about some secrecy around where the poles and cameras will be sited. There are also demands from residents to have a note of the intended sites.

Further details HERE

Wine On Water A Huge Success

The recent Wine On Water event hosted by Rotary St Francis and supported by Investec was a huge success. It was a delightful weekend for all wine lovers. 

The logistics on paper seemed a bit daunting, but everything ran smoothly, and it was a weekend of wine, food, music and good times for everyone. While every station was delightful and festive, a few stood out above the others, setting the bar for next year’s event.

The entire village was behind this one. Several side events will most definitely happen again, along with more such happenings. There was a St Francis Running Club’ Recovery Run’ and a Nine Before Wine morning round of golf at the St Francis Bay Golf Club. In addition, there was a market day, a St Francis Cycling Club Social Ride, a Park Run, and all sorts of restaurant specials over the weekend. 

Next year’s event dates have already been confirmed (24th – 25th February 2023), and people are already asking if they can buy tickets. 

Wheeling Out The Wheelie Bins

There are Wheelie bins for all St Francis Bay households, free of charge. However, the Kouga Municipality rolled these out during 2021, and not everyone has claimed theirs. 

If you are in St Francis, take your erf number and ID down to Annie at the Municipal yard next to the Fire Station on St Francis Drive. She will sort you out with a wheelie bin. 

If you are not in St Francis, contact Lyn at our office (info@sfpo.co.za / 042 294 0594 for assistance).

Once you have your bin, make sure to store it safely and mark it boldly and clearly with your Erf No. The

bins get stolen occasionally, so it is always wise not to leave them out for too long.

Did you know? The modern plastic Wheelie bin was invented by the Slough, UK based company, Frank Rotherham Mouldings, on March 12th, 1968. 

It was initially used only to move refuse from one area to another inside the factory. It wasn’t until the late 80s that the reign of the Wheelie bin truly began.  

The SFPO Newsletter

 There are so many new people and new faces in town, and we do not have them all on our mailing list. Also, since the introduction of the POPI Act, we can’t subscribe folks without their verification.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in our newsletter, please point them towards our website to subscribe. Interested parties can also reach out to Lyn on 042 294 0594 for any help in subscribing. 


Five Quick Minutes With Lorraine Maree

(first published in Wildside TIMES #1)

Lorraine Is our Ward 12 Ward Councillor (Cape St Francis, St Francis Bay and Paradise Beach)

Where do you come from, and what brought you to St Francis?

I matriculated in Nelspruit. I studied Industrial Engineering in Pretoria, where I met my husband. He bought Knipes Thatching from his uncle in 2003, and that is how we ended up in St Francis Bay.

What is your title?

I am Ward 12 ward councillor (Cape St Francis, St Francis Bay and Paradise Beach). I am also serving on the Mayoral Committee – Infrastructure and Engineering. 

What does your daily work entail?

It entails loads of phone calls and emails. I joke to my husband that my emails are like a Vegas slot machine. I am the link between the community and the municipality.

Being on the Mayoral Committee, I am also tasked to oversee the infrastructure and Engineering of the entire Kouga region.

What are your short-term plans that will benefit this town?

With the worst drought in 50 years, water security is my number 1 priority.

I aim to have more roads resealed. 

I would also be happy if we could start to get the rest of town on a waterborne sewerage system.

In St Francis Bay, “everyone is watching.’ So how does this make you feel?

I smile. It was such a lovely feeling that so many people showed their support in voting for me. I love this town. I joined the political life because I love all the outdoor activities in our area. I want to be part of preserving it and feel safe doing these activities.

Bonus question: Do you have a final word for our community? 

Yes. I now realise there are big shoes I need to fill. I have gained a new respect for the previous councillor Rheeder. Alderman Rheeder has been and still is my mentor.

The SFPO would like to wish Lorraine Maree well in filling Alderman Rheeder’s big boots and would also like to take the opportunity to thank Alderman Rheeder for his years of service to this community and wish him a long and happy retirement.