2022/2023 Annual Membership

SFPO Association memberships are due for renewal on 1st October 2022. If you haven’t done so, please consider supporting us by becoming a member or renewing your membership.

The annual subscription for a property owner/resident is R550 or R350 for a pensioner.

The SFPO membership runs concurrently with its financial year – from 1st October to 30th September.

Payment Options:

Visit the website and submit your payment online 

or make an EFT payment direct to the bank account :

St Francis Bay Residents Association

Standard Bank, Humansdorp

Code: 050015

Account No: 082499276

Please use your Erf number and surname as a reference.

And now you can even subscribe through Quicket

Questions and queries to:

Lyn Aitken – Admin Manager  –  082 777 5624 

Email : info@sfpo.co.za

Telephone: 042 294 0594

Service Delivery – Reporting

To ensure all matters of concern are correctly recorded with the Municipality, we need to be more proactive with our reporting.

Currently, the statistics for reports in the greater St Francis area show that very few problems are reported. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why service delivery is sometimes slower than we would like.

Please report potholes, stray farm animals, sewerage, water, drainage and electrical problems etc., as issues arise, using the Municipality’s Whatsapp facility on 081 760 9183.

Where possible, attach photographs. You should receive a reference number by return which you need to keep if you have to follow up.

You can also log problems through the Call Centre on 042 200 2200 or download the Link App and register under Ward 12.

Water Crisis – Water Tanks

With the holiday season approaching, property owners occupying their homes or renting them out should seriously consider installing water tanks if they have not already done so.

If good rains do not fall in the catchment areas ahead of the December rush, water shortages will be the order of the day, so best to be prepared.

Keep Kouga Clean

Please help keep Kouga clean by collecting a wheelie bin from the Municipal yard next to the fire station on St Francis Drive on any weekday. Ask for Annie and ensure you have your ID and Erf Number. Some bins have been stolen, so it is wise to paint your Erf number on the bin and store it safely.

Delivery Of Municipal Accounts

Due to problems with postal delivery and the closure of many post offices, the Municipality is no longer posting its accounts. Therefore, to ensure that you receive your monthly accounts timeously, please ensure that the Municipality has your correct email address.

Please request delivery by email to Mandy Jantjies in the St Francis Municipal office at mjantjies@kouga.gov.za

Open Plots Electricity Availability Tariff To Be Corrected

The incorrect electricity available tariff charged on the monthly service accounts of residents with open plots due to a system error has been corrected. The correct tariff will be charged on the latest versions.

Soakaway: Basic Service Fee To be Removed

No basic service fee will be levied on the monthly service accounts of residents with properties served by a soakaway.

Residents with soakaways who require the service of a suction tanker will be charged per load or part thereof.

NB : If your property has a soakaway system and you have been charged the sewerage fee, you will need to register your soakaway with the Municipality in order for the charges to be dropped. Many soakaway systems date back very many years and were never recorded by the Municipality

Account holders are strongly advised to use the following email addresses to ensure a quick turnaround time.


*Opening of Municipal Account

*Account Information Amendment


*Water Account

*Electricity Account

*Proof of Payment


*Monthly meter readings with a clear picture of

the meter


*Outstanding Balance

*Payment Arrangements


*Property Valuations

*Supplementing Valuations




*Clearance Matters

*Change of Ownership

*Billing in Respect of Rates

*Services Availability

*Special Rating Area Levy


*Formal disputes about account billing


Why You Should Join The St Francis Property Owners Association.

Here are ten excellent reasons to become members of the St Francis Bay Residents/Ratepayers Association.

Our Association currently has a competent executive team of local residents elected by ratepayers every two years. Whether a property owner or a resident renting a

property, your support is critical to ensure St Francis Bay is all it can be. This will allow everyone residing in our town the best lifestyle they deserve.

Start participating in our future by joining the SFPO. The subscription is just R550 a year (R350 for pensioners).

  1. Service Delivery

Water, roads, electricity, sewerage management, refuse collection and fire control are the most severe service delivery issues. The Association monitors progress and

works with the relevant Municipal bodies to improve service delivery. For example, we have assisted the Municipality with rolling out their new wheelie-bins for refuse collection. The Association collaborates closely with our Ward Councillor and is represented on the Ward 12 Committee. We have provided our Ward Committee with a comprehensive mapped listing of street names to

facilitate to manufacture and erection of signage on every street.

  1. Land Use and Spatial Development

A particular plan was drawn to ensure that our town provides essential amenities such as schools, churches, parks, and sports facilities and adheres to logical zoning patterns. However, the Association, on occasion, must step in to ensure inappropriate development does not affect ratepayers’ investments.

  1. Aesthetics and Planning

The look and feel of St Francis Bay are unique. The Association is represented on the Aesthetics

committee. It works closely with the Municipality Planning Department to maintain our town’s exceptional appearance and adherence to by-laws.

  1. Community Policing

The Association works hand in hand with CCTV monitoring service, the local police, neighbourhood watch, and local security companies to curb crime within our community.

  1. Beach Reconstruction

The Association has members involved in the process. We aim to keep the community informed concerning the project.

  1. Riparian and Kromme River Matters

Our Association works hand in hand with the Riparian Home Owners Association and the Kromme Joint

River Committee. This work is done to protect these homeowners’ interests and manage our canal and river systems.

  1. Critical Matters

The potential erection of the Thyspunt Nuclear Power station was an issue that the Association took up with Eskom. We have recently formed a sub-committee to monitor and control the proposed erection of 4G and 5G Cell phone towers and the roll-out of fibre optic cabling. The draft policy for solar energy is also under consideration by the Association.

  1. Provision of Information

The Association has a continuously updated website. In addition, public meetings, newsletters and our Facebook Page are used to keep members informed.

  1. Environmental Matters

The Association has strong links with the Kromme Enviro-Trust. The two organisations keep each other informed and work together on issues relating to environmental matters. The Association initiated the provision of the recycling facility, which is now available at the Municipal yard next to the fire station.

  1. Disaster Management

The Association works closely with the Disaster Volunteer Group to provide swift and effective reaction and management of local disasters, including fire, flooding, pollution control, and COVID-19 times – food relief for the needy. In addition, the Association has been proactively involved in promoting responsible bush and Erven clearing for fire prevention.