Hi, and straight into the second SFPO Association Newsletter of 2023.

General Valuation Roll

Please find below the Link to the new General Valuation Roll with the information on the valuation of your property/s.

Please evaluate all relevant information to your property carefully; check the new valuation of your property, how it compared to the value five years ago and the market value now of other surrounding properties.

If you are unhappy with your valuation, you can object before 14 April 2023. The Objection Forms are on the website as part of the link below.

We also remind you of the Information Session by Lientjie Ackerman and the Kouga Business Forum on the General Valuation Roll & Municipal Property Rates. This will occur at 10:00 on Monday, 06 March 2023, at the St. Francis Links Clubhouse. The public is welcome to attend this talk.


Data Cleansing Campaign

Kouga Municipality embarked on a data cleansing campaign across all towns in the Kouga region to clean up and update our records of all property and municipal services information. This will ensure that the data used for decision-making is factual and that your billing and account information is accurate, thus reducing unnecessary queries on your account. 

The campaign consists of two options. One is electronic engagements through the municipality’s Customer Care Application (Kouga Cares) at https://customercare.kouga.gov.za/mobLogin.php.

The second is door-to-door engagements – from 06 February 2023 for Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp and from 07 February 2023 for The Greater St Francis Area and Gamtoos Valley. Field workers will carry identification cards reflecting all their information during door-to-door visits. 

We encourage all residents to complete the questionnaire online (if possible) to ensure they are on the NEW Kouga Cares App that will be launched soon. If not possible, please welcome our fieldworkers that will be visiting you. Finally, we kindly urge all residents to support the campaign.

For more information, contact the Kouga Call Centre at 042 200 2200.

Kouga To Explore ‘Clean’ Energy Sources

Kouga Municipality is set to reduce its reliance on Eskom as a primary energy provider.

Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks, said that given the problems caused by prolonged load shedding at high stages and the impact it has on the local infrastructure and economy, Kouga municipality is aiming to be less dependent on electricity generated by Eskom.

“To achieve this, we will undertake a six-month feasibility study to determine the viability of alternative means of renewable energy and power generation by independent power producers,” he said. “This is a hybrid application, which means we will look at the feasibility of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology and wind power and gas, as well as biomass.” 

The study, set to be completed by the end of June 2023, will construct a 20MW plant – supplying a third of the average electricity used.

“A piece of land, strategically located to reach all major towns being fed with electricity under the Kouga distribution license, has already been identified,” said Hendricks.

According to Hendricks, the ultimate goal is to generate 60MW of electricity, making the municipality independent of Eskom.

“A place to live with secure, ‘clean’ energy is surely to impact positively on the lives of all residents,” he said.

In addition, the municipality is also looking at short-term plans – a 1MW energy plant – which will benefit the region’s wastewater treatment plants and water purification plants. 

“The energy plant will supply ‘clean’ electricity, thus, reducing our electricity purchase from Eskom and drastically cutting our diesel and oil procurement for these plants,” said Hendricks. “It will, furthermore, ensure reliable energy with fewer breakdowns and maintenance.”

Santareme Phase One Cameras and Security Patrol Scheme: Update 

A recently raised concern that a short article in our last newsletter on the Santareme CCTV implies that the SFPO is claiming responsibility and credit for successfully implementing these CCTV cameras in Santareme. 

The author, David Harpur, wrote this article on behalf of the Santareme CCTV Committee. The Santareme Committee asked the SFPO Association to kindly include the article in our January newsletter to help drum up further support for the Santareme CCTV system, to which we obliged.

We want to correct such misinterpretation and clarify that the SFPO Association and the SFPO NPC were not involved in setting up and running the Santareme CCTV infrastructure.