Water Crisis:

There has been much talk and questions about the proposed water-shedding strategy that the Kouga Municipality will be implementing. By all accounts, in St Francis Bay, the water-shedding will mainly comprise a form of throttling, where there will be less pressure during certain times of the day. This could be more pronounced in high-lying areas. In contrast, the low-lying areas might only experience mild pressure drop-off. Either way, there will be significant changes to our domestic water supply and accessibility over the next few weeks and will vary from location to location. There will be more information as The Kouga Municipality continues their pressure checks and adjustments. 
In the meantime, we need to persevere by being vigilant and saving water. It is refreshing to hear that St Francis Bay has managed to effectively reduce its collective consumption. 

Keep Kouga Clean:

Many residents still leave their refuse in black bags in the old cradles outside their homes for collection. These are regularly ripped open by monkeys, dogs and, sadly, vagrants, and the waste left to litter the streets and verges. Every home in Kouga should have a wheelie bin for their refuse as they help safeguard the bags from the weather and animals. Please help us to keep Kouga clean and collect your wheelie bin from the Municipal yard next to the fire station on any weekday. Ask for Annie and ensure you have your Erf and Owner’s ID numbers. Some bins have been stolen, so keep your bin secure, bring them in as soon as the refuse has been collected and make sure your Erf number or address is painted on the bin.

Traffic Warning: 

Motorists are asked to be extremely cautious when travelling through the valley on the R330 near Humansdorp. Traffic volumes have increased significantly, and slow-moving trucks are causing congestion and increasing the accident rate. Please slow down for your own safety. 

Expiry of Building Plan Amnesty:

This building plan amnesty expires on 30th June. More here – Building Amnesty 

Plot Clearing Advice Offered:

There is a lot of construction in St Francis at present; subsequently, many plots are being cleared for development. Unfortunately, many folks are opting for the cheapest method of clearing, which is to simply remove and chip everything that is growing on the land. We are appealing to property owners and developers to help preserve our beautiful natural environment as much as possible. However, some patches of vegetation or trees are protected under the National Forests Act, and it is illegal to remove them. To assist with this, email chairman@stfranciskrommetrust.co.za

Delivery of Municipal Accounts:

Due to problems with postal delivery and the closure of many post offices, the Municipality is no longer posting its accounts. To ensure that you receive your monthly accounts timeously, please ensure that the Municipality has your correct email address. Please request delivery by email to Mandy Jantjies in the St Francis Municipal office at mjantjies@kouga.gov.za

Rain Coming:

After a prolonged drought, we can expect heavy rains and flooding in our area. Therefore, the Municipality has been clearing storm water drains and cleaning verges in Santareme recently in anticipation of the much-needed rains eventually arriving. To assist with this or any other areas of concern, please notify us at info@sfpo.co.za so that we can monitor progress and work through the Ward Committee for improved service delivery.

West Wind Magazine:

The new West Wind Magazine issue 16 is live here with stories and news from St Francis Bay and environs, including SFPO updates,