St Francis Property Owners Association Membership Renewal

The SFPO Association Membership Renewal is Due, and it’s only R600 per annum and R375 if you’re a pensioner.

Subscriptions can be paid by EFT to our bank account or in cash at our office. An easy alternative is to make use of our convenient online payment facility on our website at

Banking details are:

St Francis Bay Residents Association   

Standard Bank Humansdorp      

Bank Code: 050015       

Account No.: 08 249 9276

Please quote your name and Erf. No. as reference.

Statement Issued by the St Francis Property Owners Association concerning The Recent Damage To Our Shoreline

Earlier this year, the extreme coastal conditions severely damaged our coastline in general and have had a major impact on the St Francis Bay beach and Spit area. This has highlighted the urgency to proceed with the restoration of our beach.

We continue to raise and accumulate funds from donations and the Special Rating Area levy to fund the NPC Business Plan, including the Beach Restoration Project. The details of the Beach Restoration Project have been widely communicated by the SFPO as an integral part of the overall Business Plan.

Unfortunately, litigation has stood in the way of fully implementing and progressing the Business Plan. To this end, the Supreme Court of Appeal will hear the case on 13 November 2023. The outcome of this litigation is expected early in 2024.

The SFPO fully understands the urgency of the situation and continues to work towards a positive outcome for all residents of the greater St Francis Bay area.

For details of the complete Business Plan, Project plans, SFPO updates and financial statements, please refer to the St Francis Property Owners Association website here –

Please direct all queries to the SFPO office on

email: or

phone: 042 294 0594

Declaration of Kouga Local Municipality as a Local State of Disaster concerning the high sea storm damages to coastal infrastructure was approved.

The submission of an application to Sarah Baartman District Municipality (SBDM), dated 3 October 2023, for declaring Kouga Local Municipality as a Local State of Disaster concerning the high sea storm damages to coastal infrastructure was approved.

It was, furthermore, approved that the (SBDM) forward this resolution to the Provincial Disaster Management Centre (PDMC) to escalate the declaration to the National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC).

Here is the whole Local State of Disaster story.

Storm surf in St Francis Bay ©

Loan of R200 million sought to repair the roads within Kouga

The initiation of formal processes of sourcing external loan funding with immediate effect, in line with Sections 17, 19 and 46 of the MFMA, for R200 million to repair the roads within Kouga was approved.

The roads within Kouga are in a poor state and require urgent repairs and maintenance to rehabilitate them to an acceptable condition. The roads have, furthermore, deteriorated over the past months due to the heavy, yet welcome, rain.

Please read the full story on the R200 Million Funding

Furthermore, the SFPO Association and Cape StFrancis Civics are putting pressure on the Provincial Roads Dept to repair the dangerous R330 between Humansdorp and greater StFrancis. Residents are urged to travel with care along the R330 until repairs have been made.

The Solar Light Installations in the CBD

During load-shedding the entire CBD area was in pitch darkness and, therefore a problem for the restaurants operating in this area and the safety of their clientele. A solar backup system for street lights in the CBD is now in place. A total of eight have now been installed by the KLM. Six of these were funded by the SFPO Association, and the remaining two were funded by a donation from the Rotary Club through the Community Police Forum (CPF). The Municipality is going out to tender to replace all the street lights with solar lights in the future.

Kouga Municipality launches Interactive First Thursday Events.

The Kouga Municipality is committed to bringing open, accessible, transparent, and accountable government to all residents across the Kouga region.

The Kouga Executive Mayor Hattingh Bornman, in conjunction with Mayoral Committee Members and officials, hosted the Kouga Municipality’s First Thursday event on 7 September 2023 to promote and facilitate community engagement – a first for the Eastern Cape.

“It is my aim to make government more open and accessible to residents,” said Bornman. “First Thursday will afford residents direct contact for dialogue and problem-solving on service delivery-related matters. No matter how big or small – from town planning to account queries, as well as how to register for equitable shares.”

According to Bornman, to do this successfully and ensure residents have access, it works on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis, and no appointment is required.”

Please read the full story on First Thursdays.

Municipal Wheelie Bins

This is a reminder that we are encouraging all residents to have a municipal wheelie bin rather than using the old cradle system.

Wheelie bins can be collected free of charge from the Municipal yard next to the Fire Station on weekdays during working hours. Annie at the Recycling Centre is authorised to hand out the bins – one per Erf. You will need your ID number and Erf number.

Load-shedding Update

Yes, load-shedding is back, and while the future is somewhat uncertain as to where the load-shedding situation is heading, we have several solutions.

The SFPO Association has consulted several business owners who are active in St Francis Bay to compile this document.

This proposal includes the following sections:

• Power Security Options

• Water Security Options

• Power and Water Saving Devices

• Coordination & Administrative Services

• Tax Savings

• Insurance Considerations

• Next Steps

The solutions are in the Power and Water Security Solutions Document on our website.

Our Contact Details

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